RELEASE DATE: April 6, 2022


Web View | Details Drawer

  • The size of the segment details drawer on the web itinerary has been increased to allow a larger viewing area for the details.

Web View | Phone Numbers and Links

  • When linking a phone number in the details section of a segment, the number will now be clickable within the web view of the itinerary.
  • Web addresses entered in Trip Publisher that include http:// or https:// will automatically be clickable within the web itinerary.


Profile Photo

  • When uploading a profile picture, the cropping tool was not functioning. This has been resolved.

Accommodation | Duration

  • In some cases, when the check-out time was later than the check-in time, an additional night was added to the duration. This has been resolved.

Transfer / Activity Times

  • When entering times in a transfer or activity segment, drop-off time will NOT be displayed if it is the same time as the pick-up. Neither pick-up nor drop-off times will be displayed if both are entered as 12:00 am.